Off To Paris...

again! I'm so excited. This evening, after the show, I'm hopping on an overnight bus to the French capital to meet a couple of good friends and celebrate my 21st birthday. When I went to Paris last year I absolutely fell in love with the city, but I definitely felt like I didn't do enough meandering. My favourite thing to do in a new place is just to meander along the pavement, looking into shop windows, taking in the architecture and smells, then perhaps nipping into a cafe to sip a coffee and write about everything I see and feel.

 This time there will be MUCH time for meandering.
There are also some spots I didn't get to experience properly, such as the Shakespeare and Company bookshop, the opera house and perhaps a cheeky creme brulee. I'm also dying to return to Notre Dame, Montmartre, a lovely little French restaurant near Laumiere and of course La Tour Eiffel for some serious photo opportunities. I feel so lucky to live on a continent so rich with culture, history and potential city-breaks. I love that, if planned well enough in advance, little trips to beautiful cities don't have to cost a bomb either: grab a coach, grab a hostel, take some snacks é voila city break success.

I've got my beret, my brogues, my camera and my notebook BRING ON PARRREEEEEE!

I promise to return with lots of photos and stories to tell. In the meantime have a great weekend!

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