Lazy Lazy Morning Routines

Mornings are my favourite: I sacrifice my sleep to experience their misty, cosy beauty. The precious few moments before the busyness of the day engulfs you with its sharpness and clarity are the most poignant and important moments of my day. It sets up my attitude, it awakens my mind, soothes my soul from the restless night and promises new beautiful things outside my front door. The temptation is to overindulge in the morning blearyness but then their impact is lost. Despite their cosy, snuggly nature, the perfect morning routine requires balance and discipline from the moment the alarm rings out to the second before you walk out the door. Mornings are not to be wasted, but used.

These days I wake up slowly to WDR 3 radio, allowing the German newsreel to readjust the linguistic cogs in my brain, I then slowly make some tea, fix myself some breakfast, pull on some socks and snuggle back into bed with my bible or a newspaper to wake up my mind and prepare my soul for the day.

What is your morning routine?

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  1. Mornings are the best. I wake up and immediately think about coffee!! Definitely addicted.