Life Lately

Summer has felt like such an ethereal season this year. Nevertheless the past
few weeks have held intermittent seasonal goodness.

1. A weekend in Cornwall. These were taking in one of the sparse moments 
of sunshine.
2. My Dad ran with the Olympic Torch! I was so proud of him, he really deserved it.
3. Wine, ice-cream and DVD night with my wonderful Mummy.
4. Packing for Manchester to visit my gorgeous friend.
5. Exploring Manchester and celebrating the 2nd Anniversary
of my friend's death.
6. Sorting out the final arrangements for my VERY up and coming
year abroad in my Dad's office.
7. A gorgeous Mediterranean dish.
8. Rosie's wonderful Festival Forty: think homemade music festival in a back garden
and you have a gorgeous evening of fun.

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  1. ahhh, this looks like such a wonderful few weeks. just the way summer should be! xo.