Things I've Learnt:

Last weekend I went on a retreat with my old church. We talked a lot about role models and how they can define, derive and direct, at the same time as influence, impress and inspire. I think it's important to recognise that role-models are not necessarily people, they can also be styles, movements, trends, technology, attitudes. ANYTHING. The church is infamous for having role models, mostly in a good way, but sometimes it's so easy to turn good role models into idols. Christians, myself included, are hugely susceptible to idolising preachers, worship bands, super churches, mission organisations and jobs in the church above Jesus. Whilst these things are often good and praiseworthy they can get in the way of the purpose of faith. I don't want to be someone who imitates others, I don't want to be in a church that tries to be exactly like another church. I am, however, interested in imitating Jesus so I can be who he's created me to be and being in a congregation that pursues Jesus' heart for their community. That way I can be free.

Free: be my forgiven self. follow Jesus wherever he leads ME. face 'risk' without being ruled by it. celebrate other's blessing. be part of HIS community.

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