A Kodak Moment

So, apparently Kodak are going into administration. This makes me sad. It also makes my prospective project a little poignant. Last week I decided that I spend far too much time behind the camera rather than enjoying the moment, consequently I have decided to document this entire term only via disposable camera. I'm allowed to use my digital for blog posts etc. but if I want to capture memories then I need to use this little Kodak beauty. I figured that because I won't be able to see the instant outcome of the photograph and developing film is expensive, I will take less photos and spend more time IN THE MOMENT whilst still having something to remember it by.
Kodak Moment 1Kodak Moment 2Kodak Moment 3Kodak Moment 4

I'm really, really excited. I had forgotten how much fun disposable cameras are and I can't wait to see what the photos look like. They're also 2 for 1 in Boots at the moment, so a MASSIVE bargain.
Who's with me!???


  1. went through bucket loadsa disposable cameras throughout the summer which was really nice because it made my photos look so hipster aha


  2. I love disposable cameras. That is all my mom ever used growing up. We still have piles that need to be developed but it is so pricey. I hope your photos turn out great :]