How To Beat The January Blues: Get Organised (in a fun way!)

For the past two years I have anticipated the January Blues and bought a DodoPad. This is partly because my Januarys tend to be bursting with exams, revision schedules and rehearsals as well as to-do and to-get lists for the New Year. I have to be organised and tend to rely a lot on my paper diaries or school planners (I still can't do technology when it comes to schedules, mainly because I love the phrase 'I'll just pencil you in' and you can't 'pencil-in' on an iphone!) However, paper diaries can be so dull and intimidating with all that black and white and no space to write little notes (apart from the last couple of pages - pointless). This is where the Dodo-Pad comes in. It's fun, it's spacious, it has places to doodle, it has little boxes so you can plan your day in blocks (LOVE THIS!) and every week the page colours and fonts change, plus there's usually a silly limerick or two flouncing about. This year I went for a mini-pad seeing as half of my year won't be spent at university, so I needed a one that could fit in my handbag (or one of my excessively large coat pockets!) So far, it's continued to exceed my expectations and makes me so happy every time I write a list or 'pencil-in' and appointment. GO BUY ONE - IT'S NOT TOO LATE!



  1. I have never heard of a Dodo-Pad before but they sure look and sound like a lot of fun :]

  2. Ellie! I am seriously considering buying one of those! I think I need it. It looks too fun!