Hobnobbing at Spoons

a) to associate on very friendly terms
b) Archaic: to drink together

So this is a very late outfit post: apologies. I have a confession, I always thought 'Hobnobbing' meant to walk and skip gaily, perhaps whilst knocking one's knobbly knees, alas it doesn't mean that all! It does however explain the context behind this outfit. These photos are actually from just outside Whetherspoons near Park Street and were taken just before we were about to enter said establishment to hobnob with some lovely people from church. YAY.
This outfit was perfect for Sunday. I felt smart enough for church, dressed up enough for lunch with friends, but comfortable enough to go straight to rehearsals afterwards. I'm so glad to see these boots again, they are my favourite winter boots, but they were impossible to wear with my broken foot, because they have a slight heel (which is why I look slightly taller in this picture!) so it is a true testament to my healed foot that they are making an appearance again. However, my favourite part of this outfit is the necklace - I found it for €1 at a street market in Paris and I love how unusual it is. It looks like it's been made out of bark! Hahaha.

I would also like to apologise to all the people who had to witness my ridiculous jumping/outfit post ordeal. Feel free to laugh at me. I can take it.

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  1. You have such a lovely little blog going on here! Your pictures are cute. :) I like the stripes and the versaility of your outfit-- it's nice when something is appropriate and comfy the whole day, yes? :D