Home Comforts: A Baggy Jumper and a Best Friend

So I've recently become the owner of a large aran jumper. It's a hand-me-down from my father and it's big, cosy, warm and perfect for throwing over leggings. I love it. It makes me SO happy.


This evening I was reunited with the love of my life that is Laura Webber-Gant. She has had numerous mentions on this blog because she is such an encouraging, influential and spiritual force in my life. I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to meet tonight, but she rang me whilst I was in my tepid bath, attempting to read some trashy, German chick-lit insisting that she come over. Unable to get a lift from her parents she text me saying 'I'm walking, will be with you in half an hour' (this was at 8pm!) and when I asked her if she was sure (cos walking through Bracknell at that time ain't fun!) she replied 'Your hug is so worth it'. SEE HOW AMAZING SHE IS!?

After a MASSIVE squeeze, a chocolate binge, a facebook stalk, a boyfriend chat and a tea-drinking ceremony we decided to take some 'Friends Re-United' style photos, which was all fine and dandy until I sloshed tea all over my desk whilst pressing the 'Take Photo' button (such a klutz!)

We eventually got on to the more serious topics. We talked about Annie, how hard it is without her and how were doing on the 'grieving' front. As always a few memories were shared and we laughed at the good times we shared with her. We spoke about my Mum and the returning cancer, how I felt, my fears, my needs, my lack of openness. Then we moved onto our futures and where we felt God was leading us and the type of partners (Laura has a boyfriend! YAY!) we were looking for. It was such a relief to be completely open with somebody. Laura has been my friend for years and we have been through so much together - she understands me better than most people and isn't afraid of telling me off! 2010 has been an incredibly life-changing year for the both of us, but we both admitted this evening that we wouldn't have had it any other way. Yes it's been hard and yes things have happened that have been sucky and rubbish, things we wish we could have prevented, but we have grown so much in our faith, as people and as friends. The evening rounded itself up with a hug and a prayer and I was suddenly transported back to a moment in March when Laura, Annie and I were sat on my bed reading our bibles and praying after difficult break-ups. There were so many parallels - we had the chocolate, we had the tears, we had the hilarious boy-comments. In many ways it was comforting to remember such a profound memory with Annie and even though it was obvious that she wasn't a physical presence on my bed this evening, the God that acted and still acts as the bond between us as friends was very much at the centre of our conversation. Tonight as Laura and I cried, shared and prayed we boldly asked God that 2011 would not be a year of rest and a year free from suffering, but rather it would be another year of substantial growth, of new lessons, new opportunities and life-changing experiences. I am blessed with amazing friends, non?!


  1. You're so lucky that you have friends that you can just meet up and pray with. Most of mine would find it a bit strange and I need a Laura to have deep God-related discussions! x

  2. One of your best posts ever. Love it.

  3. Just made me cry on Christmas eve....I love you. But still, not impressed! :) xxxx