Things I Have Learnt:

1. It is worth getting up at 7am to go for a run on the Downs just for the sunrise over the suspension bridge.

2. When you are gluten-intolerant it's important to remember what sort of flour you used for the Gingerbread-men before you decide to taste it in order to avoid inconvenient allergic reactions.

3. When you are in a hurry you will attract every single slow-walking, disabled, elderly person in the whole world.

4. Crying over a paper cup of Diet Coke in McDonalds is really as unglamorous and awkward as it sounds.

5. Give into grief. It prevents bitterness clawing at your heart.

6. Traditional Carol Services with candles, organs and orchestras are the only ones worth attending.

7. Hard work does pay off...eventually.

8. Post from aunties and unexpected friends will turn a frown upside down.

9. Waking up wishing you were Scandinavian will always leave you disappointed.

10. You will never be able to see clearly in Hollister.

11. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from performing. Musical Theatre makes me happy.

12. Austrian culture is bizarre.

13. I have enough clothes.

14. Cath Kidston stickers are not an effective replacement for stick tape.

15. I am not as open and honest as I thought I was.

16. Sometimes God is silent.

17. Faith is a choice.


  1. Love it. I agree with all but one...can you guess which one?

  2. When we see each other, remind me to talk to you about DFTBA. :)