Messy rooms/Messy Days

This morning I woke up to a messy room and a messy day: my floor was a health hazard and I had no idea how my day was going to plan out. I normally hate these sort of days because, although I like variety and randomness, I like things to feel ordered and productive. Even now as I write this I don't feel I've accomplished much, but in in reality I did lots of things today they just didn't count towards my A-Levels. I went running, read through a number of blogs, booked train tickets for Edinburgh, drew a spider-diagram for Das Leben der Anderen (this did count towards my exams!), put together a number of different outfits for summer, turned my room upside down in an attempt to find my bank-card, danced around my living room to Glee's Journey Medley, posted a letter, bought a newspaper, updated my i-pod/i-tunes, baked a cake with my friends, ate Maltesers (then was promptly sick as they have barley malt in them - damn gluten intolerance!), phoned one of my best friends, tidied my room, put up fairy lights, found my favourite Body Shop lipgloss in a random bag under my bed, finished putting together my friend's birthday present and now I'm blogging. Yup I'm an expert at productive procrastination. Here are the before and after pictures of my room:


I really love my room, right now it feels like it's jumped right out of an IKEA catalogue (that's also because pretty much everything in my room is from IKEA - I LOVE IKEA!) My room is my own little world and, when it's tidy, it's the perfect place for Ellie Jackson to be. So goodnight!

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