If there's one thing I will take away from my Kendrick education it's that baking cures the stresses and mellows the blues. It's fun, often messy but always yummy. In the past two years I have become an expert on the blueberry muffin, the M&M cookie and the gluten-free chocolate brownie. Today I, along with two of my best friends, baked a very special cake for a 20-year old birthday girl. It was a white-chocolate truffle cake - incredibly simple for something that sounds so sophisticated. However we incurred a number of difficulties. Firstly, we didn't buy enough white chocolate and the supermarket down the road didn't sell big bars of white chocolate, so Annie returned with about 10 packets of white chocolate buttons - that was fun!

Then, once in the oven the cake began to take on a peculiar form: a pair of wonky breasts. Thankfully it became less obscene after we clothed it in the thick white-chocolate sauce - doesn't it look suitably sophisticated for a young lady coming of age!?

The transportation of the cake also proved a problem when it began to POUR with rain, thankfully the Jackson household is always prepared (LIES!) and there was an umbrella at hand :-D HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE!

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