I am officially an Oxbridge reject. Cambridge rejected me yesterday and this evening I received an offer from Bristol, the uni infamous for rejecting Oxbridge hopefuls and accepting Oxbridge rejects. Nevertheless I am happy. Happy because I don't have to get an A*, happy because I still get my pushbike, happy because basically the pressure is off! Plus like Charlotte says, Bristol...even the NAME sounds nice: Bristol, Bikes, Books, Brownies, Brandy...BEARS. Bristol is a good word and consequently a good city.

It has a lot of coffee shops, lots of...well shops, BRISTOL OLD VIC THEATRE (get in!)...gah. So excited. I finally have SOME idea of where I'm going. I'm still waiting on Durham to make a decision, but at the moment I'm basically guaranteed a place at Bristol...BBC - such an awesome offer.

Other news: Snow. Je l'aime beaucoup. Unfortunately, most of Wednesday was spent huddled by the letter box, chasing after a postman, putting my books into alphabetical and genre order, hoovering, waiting, and waiting, and even more waiting, then hysterical sobbing, then rational thinking, being consoled by facebook, feeling loved/relieved/confused/disappointed and excited. CRAZY DAY and no snow play. Thursday was different, I got of my BEEhind and walked into town, more like waded into town. Bracknell is so pretty in the snow and snow is prettier when it's sunny - it sparkles and I like sparkly things. I still need to do revision, Kendrick keep putting work on the share's ridiculous. LEAVE ME ALONE...wait, I don't need to worry about work. I can cruiiiiise on by. I love you Bristol, Bristol with your bears and brownies and bikes GAH! You have saved my life.

The only down point to be accepted, is not being able to go on my exciting I'm-going-to-work-in-Starbucks-on-a-New-York-street-and-be-Dorothy-in-the-West-End-gap-year...shame. Like that was even feasible. Yes, I even admit to picking up a brochure in First Choice this afternoon.

Tomorrow I promise to play in the snow. Tomorrow I promise to do at least SOME revision. Tomorrow I'm going to wake-up feeling accepted and not rejected (oooooo deep and cheesy)

3 words: I love God.



  1. I like the 3 words :D

    And what's with the bears?

  2. @Ellie:
    I love your honest realism, yet trust in God. Seriously inspirational stuff. Many thanks :)

    Other news; I have friends over Bristol way, I shall have to drop by!

    What's with bears??? Bears are awesome Phipsa!

  3. It sounds so amazing! I'm so excited abotut Bristol... and you can always do the New York thing in a summer/after Uni. Just promise to take me with you! I can become an infamous underground (literal and figurative) folk-punk musician. :D