South Bank

A few shots from London when I went to meet up with Brynne a few weeks ago (do you guys remember here from Florence?) The light was perfect, so I could forgive the cold. This is my standard walk around London because it's close to Waterloo. It has a bustling familiarity to it, I always stand on the bridge and look out towards St. Pauls, I always run my fingers across the spines of the books on the stalls outside the BFI, I always pop to the National Theatre in case I feel like watching something or in case there's a book I need or in case I need a wee, I get frustrated by the tourists, soothed by the sky, enticed by the smell of mexican food and comforted by the sense of homecoming. However, I think I'd like to branch out from the South Bank and do more walking around London. Going for walks is quickly becoming one of my favourite things, it puts life in perspective, forces you to appreciate the quiet (or loud) beauty of your surroundings and it's good exercise. Despite my last post, Spring seems to be holding back the warmer weather, it's getting a bit desperate now. COME ON SUN!

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