Coffee Diary: Roasted Rituals

 It's been a while and you're all probably desperate for some new coffee places. Seeing as it's nearly Spring and you're not necessarily going to want to sit inside to drink your coffee, this place is perfect. Saying that, I've been visiting all winter so really it's an all-year round kinda place. Now, brace yourselves because I have a huge statement to make. I think I might have found the best Flat White in Bristol. No seriously, Roasted Rituals is the real deal. You can find it just off Apsley Road and it clearly already has it's loyal customers. It's run by Kiwis who are clearly very passionate about their brew, they have their own roast, a drip filter option and proudly sport a South West Coffee Guide. The other thing that makes this place super special is the price - £1.50 for any black coffee and £2 for any white coffee. Such a bargain! Even more of a bargain when you think that a Flat White at Starbucks in now 2.50 (2.70 if you want to have their origin espresso, which improves the taste considerably) There is a perfect coffee, milk ratio. Even at the top you can taste the richness of the coffee and the flat-white silky milk foam is so consistent, it's hard to believe such perfection exists.  I've popped down to the van when I've had a break from rehearsals and it's so relaxing to just sit sipping my cup of joe, listening to a podcast, watching the world go by and getting out of the crazy theatre world for half an hour or so. This place is HIGHLY recommended, perfect for a pit stop or an outside coffee date. Definitely go check it out!

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