Sometimes I wish I could always carry my DSLR or SLR around with me so that I could take better quality photos. However, there is something quite charming about the grainy quality of a phone camera. These photos are honest (if occasionally posed) snapshots of drama school life. Actors off duty. The essence of my new friends. I'm so aware of the transience of this time and this place. The building is just an empty shell, it's the people that give it shape with their lively bodies and colourful personalities. That's why I'm constantly snapping away, making sure that the fun, the weird and the lovely doesn't go un-noticed. I think one of the biggest challenges that drama school has lumped me with, is the courage and confidence to identify myself as an actor. It's difficult to move forward if you cannot embrace what other people see in you. So I call these people actors, because they are enormously talented and I love to marvel at their work. Their interpretation of life is, as with everyone, entirely unique. I see them as artists and I seem them as successes, I value them as colleagues and I cherish them as friends. It is a glorious privilege to spend such an all-consuming amount of time with every single one of them; supporting and collaborating.  The moments we share are hard to articulate, it's a surreal bubble of frenzied activity, but these photos are a evidence of stillness, of time away from the grind of work. A reminder that actors need to switch off and be human. 

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