January is for hibernating, for hiding inside your coat, under the covers, in your thoughts. Whenever I think about hibernating, I'm always drawn to this window seat in Bracknell, to the one consistent view in nearly 20 years, to the roots of all this life I'm living. For me, the first month of the year has always been about plans, visions, intentions. Last year I gave myself the word 'intentional' to guide me through the year and perhaps, rather subconsciously, I made time for more focused effort. This year I think my word is 'courage' and I can already feel myself pushing to be braver, to take more risks in my work, to take chances with human connections and pursue new friendships and new perspectives with reckless abandon.  Hibernating isn't about wasting time, it's about resting in what has been and sowing into what is to come. Where do you hibernate? What are you dreaming, planning, intending for this year?

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  1. oh ellie, seriously, yours is my favourite blog! hibernating is exaclty what i need right now. i'm just so exhausted when i should really study for my graduation. this year is propably going to be the most exciting so far and i have to take so many decisions, way too many for my taste. because of this i think 'taking chances' is a very important thing for me this year too! but also 'living in the moment and staying positive', since this year is going to be very stressfull. and i'm afraid, nervous and excited at the same time. but right now mostly excited. and i pray that god shows me the right path. xox