COFFEE DIARY: Mockingbird

This little place caught me by surprise. I was walking down Alma Vale one lunchtime and made a mental note to try it out as soon as possible. Mockingbird is a new player on the busy Bristol cafe scene, serving up a flavour of the American South. With this in mind I took two experts along with me to try it out. So far so good! It's calm and warm, without being sweaty, perfect for a weekend morning with the papers and your favourite person. The interior is pretty Scandi with the odd reference to the US, but I guess the menu is the most important part of the theme. The prices are a little peculiar, with an americano costing the same as a latte, but the atmosphere and the crockery are totally worth it. The coffee is rich and slightly bitter (but in a good way!) and last week I tried their chai latte, which is made from teabags and spices rather than the usual syrupy packet mix; an absolute winner for those of us who don't like their drinks too sweet!  Sarah, Charlotte and I have decided to adopt it as our new local, which is obviously a HUGE decision. Everything about it is relaxing and friendly and unpretentious, so if that's what you fancy, make your way there before everyone takes up the window seats!

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