Coffee Diary: Recent Haunts

Workshop Fitzrovia - I stumbled across this place on my way to Kaffeine and made a mental note to try it out another day. It's a very small, narrow cafe with lovely details, but very few seating options. It's definitely a 'take-out' cafe. The baristas were very friendly and knowledgeable, although when I was there the manager and designer of the store were taking photos of the place and blocking the customers way to the counter, which seemed counter productive to me (pun intended) Unfortunately they were also a bit rude about it as well, so even though I enjoyed my Flat White (the espresso is quite floral tasting and yes I know how bizarre that sounds, but try it and you'll see what I mean!) I didn't feel especially welcome and don't think I'll be returning. There are too many other options. However, on account of the lovely baristas, I'll encourage you to pop in at least once on your way out of Oxford Street. 

Fernandez and Wells, Beak Str. - Now I know the whole point of a coffee blog is to go and try new places, but this chain is just TOO good and sometimes you don't want to risk disappointment. I nipped into this lovely shop and grabbed their signature Stumpy on my way to the theatre to watch Lord of the Dance (long story) a few weekends ago. I'll go so far as to say, that I think it's my favourite coffee in London and so flipping consistent. For a proper review click the link otherwise GO GO GO GO GO!

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