Celebrate the NOW

At my graduation last Thursday, the Vice-Chancellor highlighted the importance of celebrating rites of passage. It's so easy to discount our achievements, to compare them to others and deem them meaningless or stupid. Yet if we do not celebrate them, life becomes one toil after another because the chapters and seasons of our lives go unmarked, unrecognised. I recently read this passage in one 1 Corinthians 10:31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. Now perhaps you don't believe in God, perhaps you do. If you don't imagine something so overwhelming beautiful, brilliant, exciting that whenever you think of it you can't help but do a little celebratory jiggle inside. That's how I feel about God. Now if I'm supposed to do everything, even the mundane things like eating/drinking, to the glory of the thing that makes me want to celebrate, then surely everyday must call for some kind of celebration. I've been mulling this over for the past week and looking for opportunities to celebrate the moments, the people, the day to day activities of my life. On Saturday I decided to celebrate my friendship with Sophie. We've come a long way since we first met and have barraged through life's ups and downs with brutal honesty and a lot of silliness. She is fun and kind, full of dreams and copious amounts of information on completely useless subjects. That's what makes her awesome. So on Saturday we celebrated with Pimms and picnics in the sunshine, followed by a spot of Greek Tragedy at the National. IT WAS SO FUN and now I want to celebrate everything all the time. 

So my challenge: WHAT or WHO can you celebrate this week?

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