A Morning in Prenzlauerberg

It's hard to imagine what Berlin is going to be like in the Spring when it's 3am and you're stood on Bakerstreet in London waiting for the Easybus and talking to very friendly Swedish girls. It always amazes me how one little plane journey can transform your surroundings so dramatically. I landed in a warm, sunny Berlin and headed straight for my favourite coffee place to catch my breath and ground myself in the fact that I was back in the city that I love.  I mean, I was technically in town for research, but everyone needs to have a break from the humdrum of the quotidian to drink good coffee in the sunshine and walk slow around Prenzlauerberg with their new camera snap snap snapping away.  People often ask me where the best places are to go in Berlin, because most people end up stuck in the centre and feel like they're missing the point. The truth is, there are so many places and everyone has their little preferences, but if you want to feel part of the buzz then take the U2 to Elberswalderstrasse or U8 to Moritzplatz and discover where your own favourite hangouts. If that's too scary then here's a list of my favourite places

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