Sunday Brunching

This time last week a group of old friends woke up slowly, lazily, perfectly embodying that 'morning after the night before' sentiment. Breakfast just happened: the comforting sizzle of meat in a pan, the fluffing of eggs, the popping of toast, tinkling teaspoons in morning mugs of tea and the clinking of glasses filled with OJ. I can't remember what we talked about exactly, probably weddings and school and jobs and what time we should attempt to hit the motorway. It wasn't the conversation that mattered, but the opportunity to be together. To remember what it felt like to hear each others voices, read each others expressions, grasp each others hands and feel each other's laughter mingle with our own, felt perfectly natural, yet unusual and sacred. A reunion of long-distance friends. 
Photographs courtesy of Hannah Trott Photography

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  1. Beautifully atmospheric! Back to your best. Love Mum xxxx