Winter Morning

Mornings with skies like this are very necessary, especially at the end of term. Daylight is so sparse that the days don't seem to exist, deadlines are continuous and pressing, thoughts about the future are unavoidable, big life decisions wait for no one and your social life starts to explode with Christmas drinks and activities, which you will happily sacrifice sleep for. Everyone wants to go home and yet there is still time to wish away. Sometimes I stop living and start existing; then I wake up to this blue, still winter morning and my priorities are readjusted. There is so much I could wish away and yet there is so much I could enjoy. It's not so much holding out until the Christmas Holidays but embracing everything that the days leading up to it can offer. 

On a completely different note, this is my first bloggable photograph from my new camera. It's all a bit exciting. 


  1. jel, i've just got 10 degrees and a bright blue sky here :(

  2. Beautifully gloomy. I love when the clouds look blue... These photos are great!