FRISKA: Dirty Chai

I'm not really a sweet-coffee kinda gal. I used to be, but these days I drink it black and aromatic, perhaps a splash of milk, every so often a touch of micro-foam.  Anything that distracts me from the taste of the coffee is quickly discarded. I confess that I hate pumpkin spiced lattes and gingerbread syrup (I'm pretty sure I can no longer call myself a blogger now). Anyway, a few weeks ago I stumbled on the Dirty Chai (basically a chai latte with a espresso shot) and it is perhaps my new favourite thing. FRISKA is a great place for coffee generally and I promise to write a full report on its brilliance in the new year, but if you're in B-Town you really, really have to go and try their Dirty Chai. It is reliably perfect every time - perfect amount of spice, perfect amount of coffee, perfect amount of foam. Drink on rainy days, when the sky is falling in or across from a friend that makes you happy or with an easy read or just by yourself so you can admire its beauty. 


  1. When I worked in a cafe, I made chai lattes with espresso until my boss stopped me one day and looked at me as if I was crazy. I'd never had one nor been told how to make them, but now I realise I was just unwittingly avant garde in my barista skills!

  2. I was never one for warm beverages. But I've always loved the smell of coffee. Recently I've been liking Chai Lattes. I like sweet drinks, but I dislike hot chocolate for some reason. :/ Also, I love the coffee art. That would definitely put a smile on my face. :3