Le Weekend

This weekend has been dreamy in both a good and a bad way. It's been full of beautiful, interesting, sociable things but it's all been incredibly sleepy. I feel like I've like I've been dozing around the city, with my camera and my music, passively watching people participating. I've been prioritising social engagements and forcing myself to go to things even when I don't feel like it, because it takes me out of myself and gives me so much energy. I guess I am an extrovert at heart.

Le Weekend 1

Weekends always start on Friday afternoons, right? I picked up some new film, nothing special, just my regular. Then I wandered to Bonanza Coffee Heroes in search of iced-coffee. I've been trying a week without dairy to see if it helped my allergies, so this was a soy latte. I hate soy. Coffee shops need to start offering almond milk, cos soy just makes coffee taste like weird plant goop. Despite the disappointing beverage the sky was beautiful and the streets were alive.

Le Weekend 2
 I followed the hoards and strolled into the Mauerpark for Fete de la Musique - a musical festival that occurs all over the city to celebrate the start of summer. It originates from Paris, but Berlin has really made it its own. There was a lorry full of beer, lots of hipsters swinging ClubMate and a giant hut selling currywurst. I was originally planning to stay for the whole evening, but unfortunately I wasn't feeling too well, so I made my way back to Wedding. Nevertheless, I got whiff of the general vibe and walked home to find my street alive with the festival as well.
Le Weekend 3

Saturday started so slow that it almost didn't happen. I finally got myself together and took off the Stadtmuseum for an afternoon of culture. I was hoping it would help me with my essay, but it didn't and I forgot my glasses, so I couldn't really read anything. The staff were unbelievably friendly though and it was generally quite interesting. At €3 a ticket, it was hardly a waste of time. I then picked up a grapefruit and slowly made my way over to another cafe on my list, where I sat in the shade and read my two favourite magazines. 
Le Weekend 4
That evening I found myself just off Schönhauserallee to meet up with some friends. One of the girls was the dramaturg for a piece of contemporary dance being performed at Ballhaus Ost, so we'd all turned up with very little knowledge of the art form, but enthusiastic nonetheless. We all decided to not try and read too much in to the movement and just enjoy the aesthetics. It was impressive; strange, disturbing, thought provoking and at the same time a little pointless. This tends to be my overall take on contemporary dance. Still, I keep going back for more. We then spilled out into the night for ice-cream and cocktails, dipping in and out of conversation and marvelling out how quickly time passes. It's July in a week. WHAT!?

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  1. um..I just want to come hang out with you for the weekend. would be so fun!