I woke up late, lethargic and lonely. I grabbed my comfiest clothes, a book, my camera and my ipod and took off into rainy Prenzlauer-Berg. I returned content, sleepy, full and ready to socialise. After a morning alone, I hopped off to Kreuzberg for a glass of wine, vegan food and the company of a Parisian classmate. It felt like home. 

Beautiful, fragrant blossoms. 
I did some research before leaving the house and decided that Godshot was a must-try. Their flat-white was pretty good, although a little pricey. 

Across the street I found this bookshop, the owner of which sat, dressed in black, gazing out of the window and smoking a cigarette. I didn't even make that up.

I love the smell of musty, pre-loved hardbacks, dont you?

Prenzlauerberg was part of East Berlin. Every so often you see a contrast like this, which brings home the history. 

Purchases from the bookstore, with a cup of herbal tea. 

Yup, I have a row of theatre seats in my room. They're awesome. I just need some friends to sit on them now...
Feeling daunted by the massive pin-board. Where does one begin?

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  1. wonderful Ellie! I love the contrast of architecture/development.