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During my whistle of a stop in the homeland a couple of weeks ago I got a chance to spend some time with my baby brother. We went to the National Theatre and had coffee, browsed the bookshop, bought plays, ate sushi and wandered around cold, sunny London. He's a talented bean, with a big heart and big dreams. It's hard not try and prepare him for the reality of life, to warn him of arrogance, disappointment and loneliness. But I tried so hard to listen, to appreciate where he's at, to encourage him, build him up and to let him know that wherever he finds himself, whatever scrapes he gets into, whatever disappointments he faces, whatever wonderful things occur, he can always count on me being there rooting for him no matter what. I appreciate the friendship I have with BOTH of my siblings so much and I only wish I had the chance to spend more time with them.

Why not encourage your siblings today.

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