Return to the Green and Pleasant Land

Today I return to my lovely England. I never thought I could identify with my homeland as much as I have over the past couple of months. As much as I love travelling and as much as I love to wander, to explore and to experience, I'm still a good ole' English gal at heart: I love the rolling hills, the winding lanes, the vast array of accents, the rainy days, the unexpected sunny ones, Shakespeare done properly, BBC news, Radio 3, charity shops, train rides, mega buses to London, the WestEnd, Christmas Carols, school uniforms, old, cold student houses, Father Christmas, fifty pence coins, Downton Abbey, quaint villages, curry, the Proms, British Comedy, John Rutter, folk music, Covent Garden in the Summer and Covent Garden at Christmas, SNOG frozen yogurt, Pret Soup, Cafe Nero's lattes, big old libraries and the satisfying simplicity of cups of tea drunk at 4 o'clock sharp.  

These pictures were taken on my trip to Bristol in November. Nostalgic, cosy and beautifully British.
I'm so pleased to be home.