It's Christmas Eve

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It's the final day of advent! I've really enjoyed my make-shift Advent calendar this year: it's been cosy and musical and spiritually satisfying. PERFECT. I still can't quite believe how quickly this year's Christmas season has gone, I've been trying so hard to get into the Christmas spirit and it's really only since coming home that I've felt ready for all the festivities. However, I woke up today with an awful cold, so I'm spending the whole of today wrapped up on the sofa, watching Christmas films and drinking tea. I am determined to be well enough for another Midnight Mass at Guildford Cathedral tonight, because it's one of my favourite things to do at Christmas time. I love the chance to sit and be still and reflect on the year and the season that is upon us.

To all my German friends out there, I hope you have a wonderfully blessed Heilige Abend with your family and to the rest of you, I hope you enjoy today and tomorrow!


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