Sunday Splurge

Welcoming to Sunday Splurges, which is basically my attempt at becoming more reflective and thankful on a weekly basis. ENJOY GET INVOLVED GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS.

Sunday Splurge 1

5 Favourite Moments of the Week:
. Spending time with my Grandparents: chatting until 1am, opening birthday presents, walking to the train station in the autumn leaves. Perfect.
. Travelling through England listening to the Land of Hope and Glory on repeat. We really are a pretty little island. I'm so blessed to have grown up there.
. Surprising Louis for his birthday. His reaction was absolutely perfect! 
. Waking up on Thursday to the arrival of the Düsseldorf Christmas Markets. I'm BEYOND excited.
. Having a slow Saturday, reading my newspaper, sipping my coffee, catching up with life and friends.

5 Top Songs:
Jessie J - Domino (always, always, always)
BOY - Drive Darling
Beth Croft - Arms of Grace
John Rutter - Magnificat I: Magnificat anima mea
Horse Feathers - Fit Against the Country

Sunday Splurge 2

5 Things That Have Inspired Me:
This play
Sandra Juto's Blog
Postcards/parcels/letters from friends
United Pursuit Band and their Live At The Bank House album.
Skyping my baby brother for 2 hours. 

Currently Reading: Oh Comely courtesy of Jessie.

Currently Drinking: Whittard's Vanilla Coffee

Overall Mood: Inspired, sleepy and dreamy.

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