Kürbis Party

 A couple of weeks ago now, Franziska and I had a Kürbis (Squash/Pumpkin) party. It was just the two of us and that beloved Pumpkin, spruced up by a spot of red wine, Suppengemuse (soup vegetables) and excellent conversation. Her flat is so interesting. She lives with two Art students who are studying at the Kunstakadamie so everyone spare piece of wall is filled with their projects and creations. It was such a beautiful evening, sitting there surrounded by creativity, listening to BOY, eating great food, picking at chocolate and watching a German talk show. We were hoping to make meals together a weekly ordeal, but alas life has gotten in the way and we have found ourselves torn apart by rehearsal schedules and workshop dates. Such is the life of those who work in the theatre.  However, I am certain that we will return to the arty flat soon for another beautiful evening together. In the mean time, we shall have to make-do with our regular cappuccinos in the theatre cafe (we get a discount, so we gotta make the most out of it!)

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