Home is...

1. Georgian architecture.
2. Hills that make your legs burn.
3. Cider.
4. Tobacco factories.
5. Single glazed windows with beautiful features.
6. Wills Memorial Building.
7. The sound of seagulls.
8. Boston Tea Party.
9. A proper cup of tea.
10. Severn Vineyard Church with it's incredible coffee, slices of melon and beautiful heart.
11. Johnny's playlists.
12. Charity Shops.
13. Soya Lattes and Attic Tea Pots at Cafe Kino.
14. Cycling up Park Street.
15. Cheap books.
16. Life-giving individuals.
17. Early mornings.
18. Hugs that last more than 6 seconds.
19. Pubs on boats.
20. Louis' smile.

Bristol Collage

Home is Bristol.

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