A Sunny Autumn Weekend

It's always a little bit strange having friends from home visit you whilst you're living abroad: nice but strange. It's strange because it feels like nothing has changed even though you spend the entire time ordering in another language and trying to decipher a completely different transport system. Strange because you become even more aware of your foreignness as certain elements of your nationality become enhanced, strange because your dreamy, half-understanding existence is abruptly disturbed. Nevertheless we had a beautiful weekend and no matter what they said, it didn't rain that much! It was just very cold but, as these photos testify, gloriously sunny. Autumn is such a fast season, with so many different stages. I feel like we're approaching late autumn, with it's dusty leaves and smokey bonfire air, the temperature is dropping, Christmas tea is appearing in the shops and it's time to really bundle up in coats and scarfs and woolies. YUM.

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