Life Lately

A lighter post to remind you all that I'm still fun and cool.

1. I got ill and made a sickbed in my flat. 
2. I got out of hospital AND my flat and rewarded myself with ice-cream.
3/4. I am just obsessed with the beauty of Autumn, whether on the ground or in the trees.

5. Louis came for the weekend to look after my poorly self and make me laugh.
6. I finally wore my charity shop cape. Wohoooo.
7/8. After a week and a half of helplessly doing nothing, I returned to the theatre fresh and eager to get back to work.
9/10. Mamma Jackson came for the weekend for mother daughter frolics: aka eat, drink, chat, shop
11. Kaffee und Kuchen at Heinemann's with the mother.
12. Beautiful, lamplight conversations with our Nowegian friends. They let us stay with them for the whole weekend and it was such a blessing.
13. That time I tried to be sophisticated and threw chocolate sauce all down my blouse. 
14. My first ever Modcloth dress, thanks to a voucher from a blogger giveaway. I am in love.
15. These boots are made for walking.
16. The most annoying pair of show shoes.

17. That river I'm always taking pictures of, except now it looks like a leaf bath.
18. On the way to work in the misty, autumnal mornings.
19. Staying cosy on a Saturday afternoon with tea, chocolate and books.
20. Preparing myself for the day ahead with scripture and a drop of caffeine. 

What's been going on with you lately?

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  1. Me? Just been chilling out maxing, relaxing and shooting some bball outside of the school