What I've Done This Week:

1. Learnt an entirely new transport system. I now know exactly which tram, train and bus to take to get to work. 
2. Read a German newspaper.
3. Walked into a construction agency thinking it was a tourist office and asked for a map.
4. Gone into three different phone-shops to research pay-as-you- go tariffs. I chose one and
have installed it all onto my phone. YES.
5. Switched my iphone into German and then got confused so switched it back again.
6. Had lunch on a bench by the Rhein.
7. Found a new coffee shop hang-out spot.
8. Turned up to work super keen, super early and super over-dressed.
9. Stood awkwardly on the edge of a group of theatre people i-messaging my boyfriend
and marvelling at how gorgeous they all were.
10. Drunk a lot of fizzy water.
11. Felt like an ash-tray. The Germans smoke anywhere and everywhere.
12. Sat in an assembly for the start of the theatre season, understood most of what the guy
said in his speech and laughed when everyone else laughed.
13. Journalled a lot.
14. Been reminded that the Germans take their dogs EVERYWHERE. I mean EVERYWHERE.
15. Learnt a lot of great words.
16. Been to two church services.
17. Sat in first class by accident (it looks EXACTLY the same as 2nd class just with a big 1 on the door) and got interrogated by a scary Deutsche Bahn man.
18. At a lot of sausage. Mmmmm wurst.
 19. Decided that I don't want to speak English 
anymore. (I'm sure this phase will pass)


  1. Try Schnitzel!!! We had the most enormous portion! Was def enough for two... :-) ad to hear u r enjoying German experience. Sprudel, öffentliches Verkehrsmittel und Wurst... Ich will auch mehr deutsch reden!