A Week On

Flip a week goes by so fast these days but I feel like I've been here forever. I always find the passing of time strange like that. I guess that's what makes it such a healthy concept because it holds in balance the    reverence of its value yet the need for it to continue like clock-work. 

How do I feel? Good. Really good. I have been staying with family friends for the past week and they have been so, so good to me. It's literally been a home away from home. I move into my new apartment on Saturday and I think that's where the year-abroad ball will really start rolling and things might start to feel a little more crazy and OUT THERE.

My job is flipping incredible. I'm working in the education department at the theatre here in Düsseldorf and it's such an exciting place to be. Not only is the building gorgeous and innovative, the staff are also amazingly creative, fun and friendly. The lady who I'm interning for is an absolute babe, she is so patient with my German and makes me feel really good about it, even when I make mistakes! She's also a total hoot and I know this year is going to be a lot of fun. My job mainly consists of writing workshop booklets, helping out with youth theatre groups, doing lots of theatre admin, sitting in on loads of cool meetings and rehearsals and I've also somehow managed to wangle my way into the ensemble of a new production that's premiering in October. I know, my life is ridiculous. 

One thing that I think I underestimated completely was how exhausting this whole exercise would be. I come home from work, having spent the entire day listening to, writing, reading and trying to communicate in German and it's an absolute headache. I can barely string two words together and have to make sure I don't fall asleep on the train (that would be an absolute disaster). Somedays there is a real sense of achievement, like on Sunday when I went to church and happily chatted for hours with lots of new people. Other days, like today, are a bit harder and I feel like I've let myself down. But, like I said in my previous post, it's all about taking one day at a time and there are obviously going to be days when my German is not that great, because it requires so much mental power. It's hard to speak any language when you're feeling a bit tired and disorientated, German especially!  However, the stereotype of unforgiving Germans has proved to be false, at least in my experience. Most of the people I have met have praised me and given me the confidence just to talk and talk and talk. I think it's also partly because I'm from England and no one here expects the British to be multi-lingual (sad, but true). Regardless of their reasons, I am really grateful for all those people who have sat and listened to me jabber on my school-girl German because it is the only way that I am going to improve.

I'm still trying to document everything through photos and journal entries. I need to get better at learning words and reading books, but I think once I've finally settled myself into my flat and I don't have to travel for an hour every morning, things might start to feel a little more manageable.

Until next time!


  1. great to read your adventures....can totally identify about the living in another language...it is hard to relax cos you are thinking both at same time....

  2. Sounds like things are going your way! I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hope it all goes well. You look gorgeous in that photo!

  3. You look beautiful. Of course you are going to be in the ensemble :P You talented girl, even in GERMANY.

    Also, don't fall asleep on the train. We know that I am the expert of this and it only ends badly!