Things I Like:

The summer holidays have turned me into a bit of a recluse - I blame it on the British weather! So amidst the VERY occasional visit to a friend's, dragging myself to the gym and episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County (my new favourite thing and yes I know it's awful, but that's why it's brilliant) I have spent most of my time reading blogs and browsing the internet. Thus in an attempt to make this new found lifestyle slightly productive I thought I'd share this weeks findings with you all! Enjoy x

Things I Like This Week:
1. This quote I found on tumblr. I really love Woody Allen, I think everything he does
is so genius and witty and this quote really sums up his matter of fact manner.
I want to be doing something innovative, don't you?
2. This bumbag (or Fannypack as you crazy Americans say) from Merrimaking
I know they're like the dorkiest thing ever, but if they looked like this I'd
wear one ALL the time. They're so practical for travelling!
3. I love this Summer Shorts DIY from A Beautiful Mess. Just need to grab
a pair of denim shorts from a charity shop and get bleaching! Pretty and cheap.
4. I read this on my Kindle during the long drive down to Cornwall. It's one
of the most beautiful and most harrowing things I have ever read. The 
female protagonist is so endearing and fascinating and the prose so
eloquent and engaging. Perfect for Summer.
5. I've been lusting after so many of the workspaces on Workspaces Tumblr. It's
such an inspiring blog albeit a real impetus for procrastination. Still, there's
a lot of great home interior ideas!
6. My chum Gem wrote a brilliant blog on dating your self. I'm definitely going to
give it a try.
7. Fancy travelling on the cheap? Check out Concordia volunteers for super fun
opportunities to help at festivals and look after nature.
8. Regina Spektor is such a babe and her latest album is so summery and quirky.
Oh Marcello is my particular favourite this week.
9. I also came across the awesome Lomography Tumblr full of awesome photographs.
10.  Romans 8. I saw this and went straight to my bible to read the whole
chapter. It always blows my mind.

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