Solitude Part 1

Despite being quite an obvious extrovert, I am a huge fan of solitude. I love my own company. when my uni friends go out to party, I sometimes prefer curling up with a good book and a herbal tea. I relish the silence, the sound of my breath and my breath alone, the peace that comes from finally being able to sift through the tangle of thoughts in my head. I love to travel by myself, to walk through unknown streets uninterrupted by conversation, allowing my senses to be alert to every sound, every smell, every taste and every touch. I love to sit in cafes by myself to process and observe. I love watching films alone so that its voices and characters can engulf me without distraction. I like to sit in the library pouring over books and absorbing new thoughts and facts and viewpoints. I love to lie on my bed and listen to Radio 3, allowing the waves of sumptuous music to wash over me gently and tenderly. I love to wake up at dawn and sit on my bed with a cup of tea and talk to God: sometimes I read my bible, sometime I pray and sometimes I just sit and listen. Solitude is both a necessity and an indulgence. It's one of my life's greatest pleasures. It restores my soul, my voice and my identity.

How do you do solitude?


  1. Solitude is amazing, you can freely be yourself, and there's nothing better. But it's also dangerous, because while solitude can mean great loneliness, at the same time it's often easier to be alone than leaving the house (not that I think you really do this!). I've learned in the past year that, surprise surprise, you need a balance. Speaking of leaving the house, you free next week?

  2. My goodness . . . I found that everything you wrote is a reflection of my soul. I love my friends and family, but I need solitude in my life, just to keep "me" alive. I too enjoy my own company and the sounds, sights and smells that I miss when my world is distracted by the chatter of other people. I find that even delightful, loving chatter can become noise, when you reach that point of starving for solitude.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking my little vintage trailer tour. Most of all thank you for following . . . I am delighted to have you among my readers, and looking forward to becoming good blogging friends. Connie :)