What The Season Brings: The last splash of colour.


The days are teetering tentatively on the icy, naked tightrope induced by late Autumn. We no longer look to the trees for colour but to the pavements strewn with leaves and the cosy shop windows with their warming christmas displays. For us students, it's time for us to stare longingly at our radiators trying to justify turning on our heating, but knowing full well that 9'C is still subject to Jumper Heating*. It's time to start embracing those festive beverages in their seasonal paper cups, asserting that a Black-Forest Hot Chocolate is more of a wintery drink than something specifically associated with Christmas. It's that vacuous interval, cruelly abundant in assessment deadlines, where we have dissipated our autumnal enthusiasm, but are held back by tyrannical Scrooges from entering fully santa-suited into the start of the Christmas season.

I however, have one last burst of Autumn cheer to send your way. Just over a week ago, I embarked on a weekend away with Bristol's Christian Union to Ledbury. There we frolicked in a flurry of seasonal veg, banoffee pies, bonfires, sparklers and, above all, teaching from Exodus.

On the Saturday night, I, frustrated that my stupid foot injury had prevented me from taking part in a glorious seasonal stroll around the countryside, decided to walk about 10 metres from the house to take some pictures of leaves, sunsets and trees in all their closing glory. It was a stunning evening, defined by it's cold air, warm sunshine and that distinctively sweet aroma of goldening mud-soaked leaves. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them.


*Where you put on a ridiculous amount of layers in order to compensate for lack of central heating.