Birthday Treats

So, this post has taken me nearly a week to write - I can't believe that I've nearly been 20 for 7 whole days. ARG, I'm so old. I remember when I was younger and watching disney movies, I'd look at Ariel from the Little Mermaid and think that 16 was a really grown up age to be, because Ariel was 16 and she wore a bra and got married. That's 4 years ago now! I'd never want to go back though. Every season of life serves its time and its purpose and I can honestly say, that right now, in this moment, I have never been happier. Even though 20 feels scary, it feels right. I know myself better, I understand how to express my quirks and passions, I live in a great city, with my favourite people and I get to study something I love. I feel incredibly blessed.

IMG_8489IMG_8503 lomography

I think this year was one of the best in terms of presents. My lovely second-hand bike (WHICH I WILL BE ABLE TO RIDE VERY VERY SOON) was from my parents. She's really beautiful, with a gorgeous old-school leather seat, shiny handlebars and this really cool leaver thing which makes her fold in half (not whilst I'm riding obviously!) So she's coming on my year abroad wooop wooop. I also need name her - suggestions welcome!

IMG_8481 Lomography

Then there was the typewriter from Louis...IT'S SO AWESOME. It makes a ping sound and everything. I've spent a lot of happy hours (already) typing random crap on that thing. I love, love love it. My housemates got me some lovely cosy gifts, but I think my favourite has to be the two massive woollen jumpers from Gloucester Road. They've been keeping me toasting and stylish all week! I also got a beautiful new edition of The Great Gatsby from my friend Ben - I love getting pretty copies of books that you know you're going to want to read again again. Obviously, there was more, but I don't want to bore you with my birthday list - let's just say I felt thoroughly spoilt and my ipod has been updated with plenty of new music.


Another wonderful gift, was having my friend Fiona down from Oxford. I love that girl so much, she makes everything in life fun and interesting. I miss her a lot. So to have her join in wholeheartedly with my Ikea/Canteen festivities was really something special!

Here's to another adventure filled year!

What have been some of your favourite birthday gifts?

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  1. I love your typewriter! Trust me, the older you get, the more you look back on previous ages and think "I was just a baby but I thought I was so old!" (I'm 24 now and 20 seems soooo long ago, tear).

    I've gotten ice skates, a handmade cribbage board and an iPad for my birthday before. Spoiled as well, I guess.