Music Spotlight: Mary Spender (AGAIN)

Okay so y'all have already heard about this lovely lady, but after spending 2 weeks of my Summer with her in Edinburgh I just had to point you in her direction again. Mary's voice is SO unique. She's like a more soulful, more original Ellie Goulding. It's like Etta Jones and Cher meets acoustic guitar - perfect for snuggling up with a cup of tea when the weather (eventually) gets cooler. As well as being an accomplished musician (she played viola in our apocalyptic opera at the Fringe Festival) she's also a enviably brilliant person. Her new EP is currently in the pipe-line - I've already had a sneaky listen (being her friend and all) and it sounds gorgeous. It's going to be the soundtrack of my winter. So please take a visit to her Facebook or her Twitter - maybe check her out on Spotify and Itunes as well. She's going to be such a star!

Currently Listening to: Mary Spender - Memories


  1. I agree her voice is beautiful -- but what I have a crush on is those elegant guitar skills! Please tell me that's not self taught or I may cry! :D

  2. She is'll HAVE to meet her. HOW IS UNI!? When I have internet we are skyping!!!!