Blogger Spotlight: Thule Fiona

It's high time I pointed all you lovely readers in the direction of yet another one of my favourite blogs. My gorgeous, kooky friend Fiona is part of the reason why Elliespeaks exists - I believe I was ranting about something in the library one afternoon and she told me to either get a blog and write it down or shut up and get on with my homework. She has been one of my biggest supporters and not just in terms of the blog, she's been a real pal through thick and thin. I LOVE HER. I'M HER BIGGEST FAN.

Her blog is one of my favourites because it's so honest. Fiona is an individual through and through, she has never been anything but herself and her blogposts reflect this - whether she is writing about Oxford, or fashion, or tattoos or her lust for all things Scandinavian, her voice is always fresh, interesting and candid. I find her fascinating: I love her opinions, I love her thoughts and I love hearing about her adventures - so please, have a visit over to ThuleFiona and be her friend. She also has an AWESOME blog layout.

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