The Beginning of an Awfully Big Edinburgh Adventure

I'm on the train up to Edinburgh. I can't quite believe how lucky I am - I'm performing at the Fringe for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. YAY.

This train journey has been beautiful but rowdy. At this present moment, I'm trying desperately and rather unsuccessfully, to drown out the drunken noise that boarded at Newcastle with Puccini. My eyes are heavy and the fold-out table on the chair in front of me looks more and more like a suitable pillow with each passing second.

Whenever I take train journeys through this part of the country I'm always wooed by the impressive and breathtaking beauty of the Northern landscape. Unfortunately, it's now completely dark, so unless we pass a city or a place with lots of street lamps, I only have a horrifically unflattering reflection of my face for company.

I did, however, catch the sunset. As we flew through York, the sky was bright orange, with pink undertones and a purple/grey overcoat. The latter became more and more prominent, along with the motorways, which began to line the countryside like Christmas fairy lights. Interspersed between the rolling darkness was a series of church steeples standing like fire torches against the gathering cloud. Soon there was Durham, with its impressive and almost haunting black cathedral catching me by surprise. We were greeted with fireworks in Newcastle, which acted like a sprinkling like of glitter dust pushing us further toward the fairytale kingdom of Edinburgh.

At Waverly station I was greeted by the Sanctuary Cast (that's the show we're doing by the way, check my twitter for me details!) They were tipsy with drink, whereas I was full on wasted with tiredness. I can't remember much of the journey after this point, all I know is that my face very quickly touched the cool side of the pillow and I was out like a light.

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