I write this sitting in my favourite coffee shop, Santa Fe in Bracknell, drinking a medium vanilla latte (that I got free thanks to a full loyalty card- boom!) I was so ecstatic about getting a free beverage that the manager just came up to me and asked me to join their Facebook group. Yeah, I'm a coffee enthusiast, an avid advocate for coffee shop culture, I would make an excellent barista and yet Starbucks still refuses to hire me. Yes I'm still bitter about that.

Home. I'm home. It's good to be home. I was so ready to hug my Mum, to wake-up to the moody stare of Bertolt Brecht from the poster on my wall, to hear my brother singing show tunes in the shower, to drink coffee made by my Dad, to read newspapers with my breakfast, to lie on the sofa numbing my mind with OC reruns and Glee catch-up, to spend an afternoon walking around Bracknell town. You never really appreciate home until you've left it.

This evening I spent a good hour jamming with my youngest bro. Here's the evidence:

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  1. I love this song. Very nicely done Jackson's. Ells every time I hear JM I think of you and your 'best of' CD. :)