Body Peace: Fashion Blog vs. Fashion Mag

This blog has been on my mind for a long time. It's one of those things I hate to talk about because it's such a typical girl issue. Nevertheless, it's had a massive impact on my day-to-day existence for a long time and only recently have I had the courage and the confidence to shoot down all the negative energy surrounding my appearance and body shape. I guess I just want to be honest and hopefully encourage someone along the way.

I have always loved clothes. The dressing-up box was by far my favourite part of any play room, not just because I was a natural drama queen, but because I loved fabrics, texture, buttons, collars, shapes etc. I loved trying on my Mum's clothes and admiring all her floral floatiness.

For this reason I have always had a difficult relationship with my body. I was the girl who hit puberty the same way a blind bird smacks into a window or a stunt car hits a wall. It was no gradual process. As a result I spent most of my adolescent years being significantly bigger than most of my friends, I often describe this period as 'The Beast Years'. I honestly thought I was hideous. I would spend a good hour every morning standing in front of my mirror tugging at my uniform in an attempt ot ease it into flattering my curves, then I would agonise over my hair and make-up, often re-applying and re-straightening a number of times. I was an avid reader of fashion magazines, I loved styling, I loved make-up and I loved pretty things. It was like being a magpie hovering over a nest of glittering goodies that you knew how to style but could just never get to. It frustrated me so much that I couldn't wear clothes like the models in teen vogue, at least that's what I thought, but really all I needed was someone to tell me how to dress my figure. Yes, I would love to be able to prance around the beach in a tiny bikini looking all tanned and toned, but even back then I knew that was a tad unrealistic for most people. I just wanted to wear great clothes and for fashion to be something fun rather than something stressful.

If only I had had access to the following fashion blogs. Real women, with real bodies journalling their personal style, un-airbrushed for all the world to see. If I could have seen how beautiful and happy these women looked, I wouldn't have felt so isolated. I wouldn't have felt like such a dork. I would have ditched Teen Vogue, stopped starving myself and enjoyed dressing my figure accordingly. Please take a look:

Another thing I have learnt and wish I had known, is that you grow into your body and your face as you get older. I have never been happier in my own skin, I can even look in the mirror on some occasions and know for certain that I look great. I just want to encourage all those girls who are currently screaming and clawing at their own reflection to read these blogs and start seeing the world through a new pair of eyes. There is not one perfect body shape, everyone says it, but you need to believe it. Wear things that make you feel good, even if it's not something your size 6 best friend is wearing. Don't look to Hollywood, celebrities or high fashion for inspiration. Be your own fashion muse. Dress for yourself, let your style reflect who you are - that's what makes fashion so much fun! Also, whilst you're at it, have a read of this Body Peace Treaty from Seventeen Magazine. I was given it at a conference in New York and most of it rings so much truth, even if it sounds a bit corny in places. Please print it out, sign it and stick it beside your mirror. I spent far too much time dwelling on my relationship with my body, it was such an unnecessary strain and such a waste of time - I would hate for you to do the same thing. I'm not saying I've got it completely covered, I can still spend ages getting ready in the morning because what I wear still has an effect on how I feel, but I guess what I'm learning is not to compare myself to anyone else and not to allow my weight or my appearance to consume me. My friends aren't my friends because I'm a 10/12., 5ft 3, brown-haired girl. They like me because I can talk the face off a palace guard and am generally a bit nuts. It's your energy, your temperament and your attitude to life that people really care about. Corny, but true. So go enjoy clothes cos they're great and styling is fun. My suggestion? Ditch the fashion magazines and start reading blogs. Oh, and remember that you're great.


  1. Girl! This is an amazingly thoughtful post. I'm with you and I know exactly how you feel (I feel like we had similar experiences with puberty). Anyway, thanks so much for linking me here. Honestly, it means a lot!

    Lots of love,

    xoxo Rhitbee

  2. I love this Ellie, thank you :)