A Very Handsome Frenchman

So we finally met the mysterious resident on our floor. We knew he worked for the uni and was a professor of something, but the word 'professor' always has wrinkly, grey, never sees the light of day (because he's always studying) connotations. Turns out, our resident is a storming fitty. A tall, handsome, well-dressed frenchman with a charming English-accent. I met him on my way into hall about 15 minutes ago, he was mincing very sheepishly by the front door and I wondered whether he was one of those creepy people the Warden is always warning us about. You know the ones who hang around the door and wait for someone to open it before following them in and nicking everyone's laptop. THANKFULLY, I didn't treat him too suspiciously and when he told me he lived on the 5th Floor I was practically overwhelmed with glee! Unfortunately I proceeded with a very Ellie-Jackson awkward-moment-filler and started yapping up the stairs like a strangled-poodle. The conversation was as follows:

Ellie: 'Oh you're the mysterious resident on our floor'
Frenchman: 'I am indeed, what were you expecting?'
Ellie: 'Oh you know, an ogre'
Frenchman: 'Really? Oh dear. I hope you are not disappointed'
Ellie: 'OH not at ALL. You far too...(want to say good-looking but catch myself just in time) polite to be an ogre'
(a little later)
Frenchman: 'What do you study?'
Ellie: 'German and Italian. I love it.'
Frenchman: Really? 'Well you'd love it even more if you were studying French'
Ellie: 'Yessss...*unconvinced mmmm sound*
(a little later)
Frenchman: 'Is everything alright with your eye? '
Ellie: 'Oh gosh, sorry. I'm not crying, it just leaks. Don't worry you haven't upset me'
Frenchman: 'Oh I thought it might be because you were so overwhelmed to have finally met me'
Ellie: 'Oh, well, you know, I'm just really, really pleased you're not an ogre'

It was at this point where we got onto the subject of plays/shows/pantos. He tried to barter for my RENT ticket for Wednesday night. He even said 'name your price' to which I replied 'I'm sorry but that ticket is priceless'. I did, however, give him some tips on where to find spare tickets (I'm so IN the bizz). I then shamelessly plugged The Crucible WHICH HE CAN'T COME TO EVEN THOUGH HE LIVES IN MANOR HALL BECAUSE HE'S GOING TO THE BADOCK PLAY. Honestly.

He then left to find the duty manager and as soon as the door closed at the end of the hall, the rest of the doors,as if in a movie, flew open in a chain reaction and very excited and giggly females jumped out in various states of attire to squeal and ask questions. We've all decided that now we know who he is, we're going to make him our friend. Next time we bake, he's getting a cake! Then just as he returns with the duty manager our wonderfully little Welshy, Emily pipes up with: 'COR if I'd known he was THAT buff I would have knocked on his door sooner'

The Welsh are so subtle...

I definitely just typed 'Handsome Frenchman' into google and got this image. But trust me, he's even better looking than this man, handsome in a 'Hugh Grant' way (as Ellie Poore says!)


  1. Please end up marrying him! That would be the coolest story ever (about blogging about meeting him then marrying him I mean, not the awkward conversation!)! Good luck!

    (P.S. I can't help but feel hard done by that if men were to write similar things about women we'd be considered creeps...yes it's ok for women!! So enjoy it while it lasts Jackson, I'll be campaigning for equal rights in the mean time)

  2. AHAHAHA <3 I was wrong, THIS made my life ;)

  3. Oh Ellie this is genius. I agree with Dave. MARRY HIM :')

  4. Hahahaha. Thanks guys :-) Charlee, I just found out his name is Sebastian - what a dream!? Or should I say...quelle perfection!

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  6. Ahhh...c'est l'amour. Oui, c'est vrai...ahhhh.