8 Months.

If I could freeze myself in time

I would have stayed in Munich

Repeated the elated steps I took from the U-Bahn

To the grass where I lay semi-dressed soaking up the sun

But even that wouldn’t bring you back.

You might have sent the same text over again

Wishing I was home celebrating with you

But I’d still be frozen in that moment

Happy but without you

I know I have to let time pass

I need to let you go

So that you can be happy, so that you can be well

I’m so thankful, so glad you’re safe for eternity

Not just in my memories, not just in my heart

But with the one who protects us all

Where you are there is love, there is peace

Whilst I languish in the empty space you left

You are smiling, laughing

Even dancing

Probably texting

I’ve realised that it’s not unfair on you

You life will continue to be full and abundant

The injustice is only felt by those you left behind.

It still feels like yesterday.


  1. Ellie that's beutiful. Really is. x x x x

  2. Good to read this. My heart still breaks for our loss, and rejoices for her gain. Lots of love xxx