Daddy's Girl

Today was my Dad's birthday and I really wish I could have been at home to celebrate with him. I love my Dad, he's a real hero. I love that he no longer works as a lawyer, but is now the Area Manager for CAP, a charity that helps people get out of debt. I love that he has started to get involved in politics, not because he wishes to climb the social ladder or because he wants any sort of power, but because he is passionate about social justice. I love how dedicate he is to my Mother, how he loves her so unconditionally and how he is standing by her in her time of need. I love how he writes letters to me, leaves cringey comments on my Facebook wall and turns up to my show with a bag full of gluten-free mincepies and newspaper clippings from the Guardian. I love how he refuses to write in biro and insists on having a fountain pen or a posh rollerball. I admire his humility and aspire to be as generous and as quietly influential as he is.

I could go on, but I don't think any words can really do my Dad justice. However, I give you the link to his blog - a recent venture of his and one he is very proud of. The man has always been a closest blogger and everyone should have a read, because every post will guarantee to make you laugh, cringe and cry - sometimes simultaneously!

Happy Birthday Dad. See you next week, I promise not to leave you mid-sentence again and this time my room will be tidy and my bags will be packed before you turn up at my door. LOVE YOU.

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