Saturday Papers and Interesting Post.

I'm a girl of simple pleasures. I love Saturdays with no particular agenda, the smell of freshly laundered clothes, tea in big, round mugs, the smell of books (old and new) Ikea, the weekend papers and interesting post. The latter two are particularly relevant and exclusive to this week because, fortunately, I am able to enjoy my tea in suitable cups, books and fresh smelling clothes on a fairly regular basis (I am, however, not always surrounded by affordable, flatpack furniture, quirky textiles and awesome meatballs. Sad times).

This week I have been inundated with exciting post for no particular reason and it has made me very, very happy. I have received numerous cards from extended family congratulating me on my A-Level results, I have had cards of sympathy, therewas a letter from the lovely Cecelia in Indiana telling me about her new exciting college adventures, then there was the card and accompanying letter from a very special friend bursting with encouraging words and telling me to keep my chin-up and lastly there were two letters of varying sizes from the University of Bristol containing leaflets, schedules, maps and guidebooks for myenrollment in October. My mother will happily describe the squeals of delight that could be heard every afternoon at about four o'clock when her grumpy, exhausted daughter came home from work to see something other than a bank-statement addressed to her on the doormat. I was able to sit by the window in the kitchen with a mug of Clipper and open all this lovely mail (hm, I really need to get a letter-opener like the one Paris has in Gilmore Girls...)

Today was my last carefree, work-free, duty-free Saturday before I leave home so I had to make sure there was time to sit down and read the weekend papers. We used to buy the Times but now that my father has recently joined the Labour Party we are, I quote, a 'Murdoch-free household' (translation: we buy the Guardian) I confess that whilst my political sympathies are probably more in line with the left-wing newspaper, the writing, particularly in the magazine, isn't as fun or humorous as it is in the Times. Now don't get me wrong, there are some excellent articles and the Blind Date column is pretty amusing, but I miss my Slummy-Mummy and You Know You're Single When...I guess I find the 'socialist' journalism just a little bit too serious. This afternoon was spent at my grandparents house in Barnes where I knew I would find the remaining weekend broadsheets lying on the kitchen table (gosh I am so sad!) So my evening was spent in the garden happily perusing through The Times and The Telegraph, standing firmagainst the temperamental August weather in true British fashion and I can confirm that The Times is definitely the wittier and most enjoyable out of the three and subsequently I pestered my Dad about buying the Times (only at weekends) for the rest of our stay. Sometimes I'm a terribledaughter. Anyways, I love the weekend papers because, like Saturday mornings, they hold a promise. They promise you that exciting things will happen because it's not a weekday and therefore ANYTHING is possible, plus they have more than one section and the week's news is easily summarised into one large paper rather than 5 little ones. That's another thing about The Times, it'savailable in tabloid size making it FAR easier to read. WIN. Anyhoo, so today I got to read three newspaper magazines and was able to drink a caffeinated beverage with each, I got to indulge in some seriously good writing and some seriously good tea. All in all a super-dooper, fantastical way to spend a Saturday. Goodnight.

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