100 Christmas Starbucks Cups

I don't know what it is about those red, christmas Starbucks cups but they sure are christmassy. On Thursday, whilst planning the sixth-form christmas social (last minute of course!) Alice and I realised that we didn't have any suitable cups to serve hot chocolate in, so during our free we wombled into Reading in search of said suitable cups.

Sainsbury's only sells plastic cups - but they had an offer on hot chocolate so go JSainsbury! However, plastic cups are rubbish for hot chocolate. We were at the brink of despair when we suddenly had a wonderful idea...we were standing on coffee corner...THE coffee corner...4 shops bursting with suitable cups... coincidence or!? So then began the coffee shop crawl, every shop the same request:

"This sounds really strange, in fact it's pretty damn crazy, but could we buy some of your cups?"

Yes we did. Coffee Republic were very willing to sell, but unfortunately the manager said no :-( The first Starbucks said no because there was no way they could put the cups on the till - our repsonse:

"Fine. We'll just go to costa!"

Costa just looked bewildered, so no cups there (!) But then, thanks to my awful habit, well not awful I guess dangerous...anyway my obsession with coffee shops FINALLY came in handy. I knew that the OTHER Starbucks in Reading (the one by Hard Edge) had really friendly staff so I said:

"Hey Alice, one last shot. I'm convinced they'll at least consider it!"

So it's our last shot. We churn out the same phrase and wait patiently for their answer.

"Well, we can't sell you any cups...but we'll give you some. How many do you need?"

YEESSSSSSS!!!!! 100 red christmas cups, with lids for NOTHING, NADA, NICHTS!

To conclude, boycott the Starbucks on coffee corner if you would, but you're welcome to grab your latte to go in the one by Hard Edge - nice, genuine coffee lovers :-)

I wish I could show you a picture of the gleeful Alice as she skipped, well danced back to school with 100 cups under her arms, it was a beautiful sight. Unfortunately my phone doesn't like upload pictures, so you'll just have to be happy with the picture of the cup. A Starbucks Christmas Cup. :-D

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