Things I've Learned/Realised

DSC_0668DSC_0673 I found an old journal full of such lists. I got inspired. Here it goes.

1) Invest in the people you want to invest in, not the people you feel that you should.
2) Time with family is priceless. 
3) Working in customer service is good for your soul.
4) Prayer is effective, even if the outcome is not what you expected.
5) The twenties are really, really fun.
6) You have to respect and love your roots, even if you never return to them.
7) Platonic relationships are worth every bit of investment.
8) Worship heals.
9) Reading restores.
10) Mindfulness is a good philosophy.
11) It does NOT matter what people think, do or say. It is not a reflection of who you are.
12) I will never tire of walks along the South Bank.
13) You can never have too many friends if the connections are true. At the same time, don't expect to be able to keep up with all of them all the time.
14) I really like Shakespeare.
15) I really like cooking and feeding people. Eating together round a table - it's powerful.
16) Just because you've labelled something 'family' or 'love' or 'community' doesn't mean it actually is. These three things are fluid and organic; they appear in the most unlikely of places as long as you're always open to the possibility of them.
17) Black coffee really isn't that bad.
18) Reading poetry aloud is a great way to fall asleep peacefully (depending on the poem of course!)
19) I can watch Greta Gerwig films over and over again. Lola Versus in particular.
20) Being able to laugh and work with great people 6 days a week really is success to me.
21) London can be a friendly place.
22) There is no heartache that cannot be softened by musical theatre.
23) I need at least two new bookcases.
24) Just because something is free doesn't mean you should take it (note the squeezy cow stress ball, obscure German literature and broken cameras that litter my room)
25) Wearing all black is the cheapest way to look sophisticated and put together. Although it does make it difficult to get dressed in the dark.
26) Doing one creative thing a week, just for you, keeps you inspired.
27) You might change your mind about things. Sometimes cynicism turns into to enthusiasm. 
28) Everywhere is transient, the place you call 'home' is constantly changing. Don't have a hissy fit when things look different to how you expected, it won't help.
29) I cannot eat chocolate anymore. SAD FACE.
30) To quote the guru in Eat, Pray, Love: 'I'm smiling in my liver' 

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  1. great list ellie, thanks! and also i share your love for lists, my journals are full of them and now i want to make a list about things i learned! whoop!